November FOCUS Meeting

November 15, 2017 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Ozaukee Country Club
10823 N River Rd.
Mequon WI 53092

Speaker: Jayme Radomski, Top Shelf Home Organizing
Program: Efficiencies and Systems of Organizing

Are you ready to clear your dining table for a meal, start a simple filing system for your paperwork, make sense of your pantry, revive your closet and regain control of your household? Jayme can help you achieve your home organizing goals.

As a child, Jayme found organizing toys and craft items was fun. As the neighborhood babysitter, families always came home to nicely organized kids’ spaces and room. That young love for order led to her career developing efficiencies and systems for organization.

Today she holds degrees in engineering and business management. Attention to detail and passion for helping others lead to leadership roles in her engineering career. She has designed commercial fire suppression systems and spent years in retail and restaurant industries in college.

In appreciation of our speaker’s time, Women’s Focus makes a $100 donation to the organization of the speaker’s choice. Jayme has selected Friend’s of St. Catherine’s Residence to receive the November donation.

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